Décor From The Sea In Furniture Stores In Chantilly VA

The furniture stores in Chantilly VA always have some great décor items that you can buy for your beach cottage. These furniture stores would be providing you with hundreds of designs that have been crafted especially for you. The Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store is one of such places where craft and skills unite and provide you excellent quality furniture items to buy. If you also wish to get the best possible looks for your beach cottage, then you must visit one of these stores and get the amazing quality of products that they are providing. Need more info, please visit: www.abfwashingtondc.com

What décor items to buy from the furniture stores in Chantilly VA?

There is a huge variety of furniture items that you can find in the furniture stores in Chantilly VA. Every piece of furniture has been designed by keeping the best furniture décor ideas in mind. You would be getting every item that you need from this place. Let us have a look at some of the most essential pieces of beach house décor that you can find.

  • furniture stores in Chantilly VASheer curtain canopy bed- the beach cottage furniture design idea is all about being casual and free. The idea of getting a great sheer curtain sleek bed is also inspired from the same philosophy. You need to get an off white colored bed that is provided with a medium-high canopy with white sheer curtains. Remember, the bed should not have a headboard and the design should be very straight, simple and sleek. The simpler design ideas you follow, the better would your bedroom look. You can use this kind of a bed if you have used a bedroom design that comes with a beautiful and bright color. The white colored bed should not be used if you have used a white backdrop in your bed. In that case, the bed should be colored in a bright color from the furniture stores in Chantilly VA.
  • The ‘fishy’ décor idea- living near the beach can also mean that you can use a lot of décor items that can define the sea life. Try to use life size cut outs of different varieties of fish made with some kind of wood in order to get the best results. Use a wall clock that has been designed or shaped like a fish, starfish, octopus or anything like that. You must only use one décor item on one wall if you really want to create an impact in the décor. This would be really helpful in making sure that your house looks really authentic. All such items are available at the furniture stores in Chantilly VA.
  • Nautical themed polka dot stools- these stools are available in a bright sea blue color and has been painted with white polka dots. They can be used in your living room where you can easily incorporate them as side benches along with heavily padded sofas bought from the furniture stores in Chantilly VA. Remember, this mismatched nautical theme should be used with care or your look might look bad.

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